That upset the applecart ever so slightly didn’t it? After the Ottawa Senators suffered one of the most embarrassing playoff defeats in recent history, they bounced back.

A particular highlight in the furore that unfolded was the continued bullying of a certain Sidney Crosby, and no I do not mean cheap shots. Methot whacking Sid with his stick in an attempt to put off one of the worlds finest players and Mike Hoffman spraying water at him from the bench. Hilarious viewing in a conference final, the comedy had turned from laughing at Ottawa to seemingly laughing with them.

Craig Anderson was outstanding, end of. 45 saves which bailed the Sens out again. 45 saves on 46 shots against the stacked reigning champions is nothing short of phenomenal. It’s amazing the difference a couple of days can make, whiled the defence didn’t stop an onslaught of shots, they did prevent shots from the real danger areas. A much improved effort with the closing down of opposition finally taking place.

Pittsburgh have been such an odd team during these playoffs, especially in this series. In all honesty they’ve turned up properly once in that 7-0 thrashing. Other than that they have not looked at all like the defending champions seeking to become the first back-to-back since the Detroit Red Wings in 1997 and 1998.  Right now, Nashville must fancy their chances against either team. My concerns with the Penguins lie in Crosby’s up and down form, the team revolves around him and the nights he has been quiet the team has been too. Apart from the 7-0 of course, it remains the anomaly in my 2017 Eastern Conference Finals theory.

Both teams are 11-7 this postseason,  After game 7, whoever goes through will have played three more games than Nashville, a big advantage for the Music City as they will have had the longer break.