Anaheim Ducks- Have Adidas changed a single thing on this jersey? In fact yes they have, one single thing. The colouring of the laces on the top of the jersey has gone from a black to a white. That is it, lets move on.

Arizona Coyotes- Another with barely any change (get used to this theme) only point to make here is that the colours appear to be deeper.

Boston Bruins-  No tangible change, maybe a bit sharper with the shite around the neckline. With Boston it’s already a slick jersey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Buffalo Sabres- A tad darker with the blue perhaps and the pointless white marks around the shoulders removed.

Calgary Flames- No change, black outline removed, sharper colour.

Carolina Hurricanes- A CHANGE! One of the bigger changes in the Adidas reveal, huge improvement. The addition of black into the jersey to fully represent the logo. Squares added to the red at the waistline. Classy.

Chicago Blackhawks- Minimal changes here apart from the previous V-style neck replaced with the wider Adidas template.

Dallas Stars- Zero change, a lighter green perhaps. Mesh style on the shoulders appears to be the Adidas staple.

Detroit Red Wings- Zero change, apart from the v-neck to wider neck. With all of the reveals, the colours appear to be sharper.

Edmonton Oilers- The second worst jersey of the night. Well documented that the orange would be the colour going forward, it simply doesn’t work in this design. Car crash jersey.

Florida Panthers- After last years rebrand of the logo, zero change.

Los Angeles Kings- No change, but why would you? Cracking design.

Minnesota Wild- Big changes from the state of hockey. The circle is no more, huge upgrade from a frankly dated jersey. One of the biggest and best changes from Adidas.

Montreal Canadiens- Zero change for a timeless jersey.

Nashville Predators- From a Stanley Cup Final loss to this, yikes. Horrendous change from Adidas, Reebok teed them up nicely and they’ve shanked it into the woods. Worst of the bunch.

New Jersey Devils- More white on the sleeves and the horizontal hoops on the wait removed, nice revamp. All three cup wins on the inside, lovely touch.

New York Islanders- Exactly the same, could’ve done with a changeup. Shame the jersey scenario is more secure than the club itself.

New York Rangers- Slight change on the on the hoops both on the sleeves and waist. 1926 printed on the inside of the jersey.

Ottawa Senators- More black on the jersey, missed a huge chance to change the logo back to the “O” many of Sens Army will be left wanting.

Philadelphia Flyers- Zero change to one of hockey’s most iconic jerseys.

Pittsburgh Penguins- Zero change for the back-to-back Stanley Cup Champions.

San Jose Sharks- Zero change for one of the best looking jerseys in the NHL.

St. Louis Blues- Zero change but smarter colour.

Tampa Bay Lightning- Zero change apart from the shoulder mesh that Adidas have used.

Toronto Maple Leafs- Zero change following the logo change last season.

Vancouver Canucks- Zero change but looks sharp in the Adidas.

Vegas Golden Knights- Welcome to the jungle (desert), a welcome entrance to the NHL with a eye-catching jersey.

Washington Capitals- Minimal changes, logo needs a revamp to be perfectly honest.

Winnipeg Jets- Taking us home with zero changes maybe a tinge darker.

So there you have it. Not a lot in all honesty, a few disasters in Nashville and Edmonton and a few gems in Minnesota and Vegas. Exciting times ahead with Adidas at the helm and no stripes down the sleeves just yet. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the merchandise.

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