The 2017 hype-fest evolves into John Tavares this off-season. With Stamkos dominating previous trade discussions our focus turns to New York’s smaller brother.

Tavares’ six-year $33 million deal comes to an end at the end of next season, which would make him an unrestricted free agent in next year’s off-season.

Let’s look at the New York Islanders first then look at the player himself. They need to keep their talisman if they are firstly to compete and secondly fill seats. The situation hanging over the Islanders is a train wreck, no dispute there.

On the ice, the Islanders have acquired Jordan Eberle for draft-bust Ryan Strome. Eberle will provide some tangible scoring for Tavares. This effort from the club is clearly to make Johnny T happier and get him to sign along the dotted lines. Furthermore, Doug Weight got given a contract who is said to have bonded with Tavares.

Tavares himself, we forget he is only 26 don’t we? Wow has he been playing in the league a lifetime. With 537 points in 587 points he is someone who would bolster any team, and he knows that. I don’t expect him to sign a contract come July 1st, no chance, he’s got to play the field a little bit.

Rumours as always, are circulating about Toronto, come on, really? I mean, surely not? Crazier things have happened in Hockey’s Mecca.

Where do you think Tavares will go, if anywhere at all? Comment Below!